3 Delicious Ways To Eat Chocolate

Chocolate has a special place in my heart. 

There are so many reasons to indulge in chocolate. Growing up, trips to the grocery store meant checkout aisles with a variety of chocolates to choose from. Every other Saturday meant my father would take my brother and me to go food shopping at the supermarket. And if we behaved, we’d be allowed to pick out whatever candy our heart desired. Most of the time, chocolate was the answer. And it’s no surprise that I use this same method with our toddler.

Trips to our local grocery store are always fun with our boys. I will admit there have been tantrums, but when you add a little bribery, things run smoothly.

There’s no denying our toddler loves chocolate. He’s had it since he was in the womb. To help satisfy his craving, we enjoy chocolate in three forms: in a drink, in a cake and in the form of a bar.

Hershey’s Chocolate Milk
We stock up on Hershey’s Chocolate Milk from Costco and take a carton or two on trips to the park. He loves being able to indulge in his favorite drink whenever he takes a break.

Carvel Ice Cream Cake 
I never liked chocolate ice cream, but somehow when it’s paired with cookie crunch, vanilla ice cream and icing, you just appreciate all the different flavors.

Lindt Chocolates
Although our toddler loves Kit-Kat, I have to admit that he loves the fine chocolates. There’s nothing more beautiful than eating something that was made with so much love.

How will you enjoy International Chocolate Day? 

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