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Peanut butter cookies are one of my favorite treats. I make two batches once a month. A batch for us and a batch for our pup. 
Random fact: Did you know peanut butter helps with freshening your pup’s breath? It can be messy if you opt to give them a spoonful.  
If you’re little ones love sharing their food with the pup, then I suggest making some peanut butter cookies. 
Back I high school I took culinary arts with a very sweet nun who passed away about a year ago.
She taught me how to make several cookies, among them were these delicious, chewy peanut butter cookies using Crisco, flour, peanut butter, eggs, sugar…and a whole bunch of ingredients that I honestly don’t remember what else we would throw into the bowl. 
But what I do remember was the key ingredient: love. 
And I use it daily. 
Alternatives To A Classic 
We had so much fun in culinary class that it really made me realize how much I enjoyed being in the kitchen. 
And when we got Rocky, we tried several times to get him to eat peanut butter on his treats and plain. It didn’t work, and he’d leave a mess everywhere. 
So I took out my culinary arts binder and searched for that classic recipe for peanut butter cookies. 
I didn’t have much from that list of ingredients except peanut butter and eggs. 
With technology, you can always find the answer to the most random questions. And you can pretty much guess what I searched.
A simple recipe for peanut butter cookies actually existed. 
Three ingredients to be exact:
1 egg
1 cup of peanut butter
1 cup of sugar 
And that’s it. So I did it. And I honestly can’t remember how long they said to leave it for, but I leave the cookies in the oven for less than 10 minutes at 350 degrees.
The results: pure deliciousness. 

Everyone who has ever tried them has good things to say. Always serve with cold milk if they’re fresh from the oven. 
I recently switched regular peanut butter with natural peanut butter. And it tastes like pure peanuts! 
I make them once a month for the boys because they contain way too much sugar. 
It’s always fun to watch out toddler feed them to the pup. It’s one of the ways they bond. 
Of course, it had to be through food.
Find out how I decorate this sweet treat during the holidays over on Instagram: 

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  1. I made peanutbutter cookies with these three ingredients for a few months now, and you are right, it's delicious! Thanks for the tips to serve the cookies with milk as they just freshly out of oven.

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