3 Non-Alcoholic Beverages To Enjoy This Labor Day

Lounging around sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? 

This Labor Day I will be spending it with my boys — well, minus Jeff. Unfortunately, the industry he works for gets pretty busy on given holidays. Since I will be on mommy duty, and currently pregnant, I will be sipping on non-alcholic beverages to celebrate.

To help keep you cool this holiday, I’m sharing three of my favorite non-alcholic beverages. And of course, they include fruit.

1. Watermelon smoothies. There’s nothing more refreshing than biting into a watermelon on a warm day.  Okay, so maybe there is, but it also involves watermelon! Throw in a couple of watermelon slices in a blender and some ice cubes, and let it rip.

2. ONLI Beverages. So maybe this isn’t something you’ll be making on your own, but they sure are delicious. If you don’t mind the sour taste of grapefruit, then I highly recommend their Grapefruit Pamelo Peach flavor. If it’s too tangy for you — because some family and friends actually think it tastes too much like grapefruit — go for the HoneyCrisp Apple Pear flavor. It’s like drinking apple and pear juice, but with a little fizz. There are so many other flavors to try, so pick up a bottle or two next time you go to Publix.

3. Kedem Sparkling Concord Grape Juice. A personal favorite for years, and the drink I prefer on New Year’s Day. Costco sometimes has a varitey pack that includes the peach flavor as well. For a non-alcoholic beverage, these sparkling grape juices have just the right kick.

Are there any other non-alcoholic beverages you’d like to share? 

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