5 Toys I Don’t Regret Buying

5 Toys I Don’t Regret Buying


Our boys have received so many toys over the years and it’s no surprise that I’m at a point where I genuinely don’t want to see another toy coming through our door.

Family members think I’m just being modest when I tell them our boys don’t need anything. I don’t say this because I give them everything they need, but in fact, they have pretty much everything they could ever need or want.

We’re fortunate to have family and friends who care so much for our little ones and even our pup, but there are way too many toys that have accumulated in our kids’ playroom that I’ve told Jeff I’d like to donate more than half. Of course, he’s not on board with this decision, but one day I’ll hopefully convince him.

Although we’ve received several items over the years, there are a handful of toys we’ve purchased that I don’t regret adding to their collection. I’ve listed five of them below, along with the ways they’ve helped our boys:

1. Kids Preferred Asthma-Friendly Developmental Giraffe
This toy was our threenager’s favorite when he was just months old. We’ve even purchased it for family and friends who complain about their baby’s teething problems. It can be thrown in the washer and dryer and looks brand new every time!

2. Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set
The soccer set comes with a ball, the net, and a pump. We left the ball behind during a trip to New Jersey to visit family. That was the least of our worries since we had other soccer balls to play with. Having a pump has helped with other balls and even with our jogger, which requires air from time to time.

What I love most about this toy is how it’s taught our eldest about hand and eye coordination. And he has such a great handle on the soccer ball. I will admit that even adults have played with this set.

3. Mercedes-Benz G55 Kids 12V Electric Ride On Toy Truck w/ Parent Remote Control – Black
Buying this truck was pretty expensive, probably the most expensive toy we’ve purchased our boys. But the smile on our threenager’s face when he first saw it was priceless. This one is the cheapest one with the best reviews. We got ours for about $380 a year ago. Putting it together was a breeze, but if you need instructions, you’re out of luck. They came in a foreign language.

This toy has helped improve our threenager’s sense of direction and how to navigate his way through pretty much anything. You can control the truck through a controller, or you can allow your little one to drive freely. It’s up to you.

4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote
By purchasing this controller, we saved ourselves the headache of losing the one for our TVs. Our little ones love exploring things around the house, but we don’t need them losing or damaging the controllers. Or anything else with buttons.

5. ProSource Kids Puzzle Alphabet, Numbers, 36 Tiles and Edges Play Mat, 12″ by 12″
Having foam mats in their playarea has allowed Jeff and I to breathe a little while the boys entertain themselves. With foam mats, they’re less likely to get hurt when exploring the world around them.

Want to purchase any of these toys? Click on the links below to get more information about each product. 


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  1. Great tips! Buying toys can be so hit or miss. I might try the little soccer goal – great exercise for little ones.

    1. Oh yeah! Our three-year-old son has been playing with it since he was a year old. He’s been so competitive since then. Haha!

  2. My kiddos loved that remote. That soccer goal does look like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my goodness. we NEED that remote!

    1. It’s worth looking into if your little one keeps stealing yours, or like to press buttons.

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