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    What Time Has Taught Me About Kindness

    Time has been one of my greatest mentors. Why you ask? Because it’s taught me the value in being kind to others, including myself.  At the age of 10 I “volunteered” at a nursing home. Well, I was forced to help out during that summer because my mom didn’t want me home with my youngest brother. Somehow he got away with staying home and I was stuck going to the nursing home every weekday.  I hated being forced to go. But that wasn’t the first time my mom did that to me. See: dance school for 15 years, and all-girl Catholic high school.  At 15, my decision to return to the…

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    Word Of The Week: Kindness

    This week, my focus is on kindness. The funny part is, it’s been the one word I’ve been thinking about since before the year started. I’ll get into more detail about this in an upcoming post.  Kindness comes naturally for some of us, but not for everyone. Personally, I think it has to do with your upbringing. The things you’ve been exposed to can really make you heartless. It is up to us to make a change in our lives.  I hope you can join me this week in discussing kindness.