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    MomViews: Perfectly Imperfect

    Life is of perception, and your personal life is as good as you believe it to be. For some moms, scrubbing their home until everything is spotless — every single day — sounds like a thing of the past. Today, Connie Gomez, blogger at Momma of Dos, shares details about her perfectly imperfect life with her adventurous family. MomViews: You have been documenting your New Year’s resolutions on your blog, and I just love that. This year, it is all about being happy, regaining peace and doing more. How have you and your family been able to keep this resolution so far? Connie Gomez: When the year started I told myself…

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    My Son’s First Trim

    We recently decided to trim Sebastian’s hair for the first time. It was just to give him a clean look. Although it only took less than five minutes to trim his hair, it made me little sentimental. Sebastian was busy watching his TV show when Jeff and I decided it was time to trim his little curls. This photo was taken right after his trim. He looks like a little man. <3 The good news is, regardless of the mess(es) he makes, his hair still looks perfect.I hope you are having a wonderful week. Also, don’t forget about the $205 Target Giftcard giveaway going on all-week long!Enter as many times as you’d like.

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    MomViews: Becoming A Mompreneur

    Being able to spend time with family is top of mind for most first-time mothers. While expecting her second child, Ariana Monique Almonte, playfully known as The Real Estate Mompreneur, works hard to get her businesses off the ground. In today’s MomViews segment, Ariana shares her journey in becoming a mompreneur as well as tips for other moms looking to do the same. MomViews: You are a realtor and you were recently crowned as Ms. Florida Beautiful. All this while raising a family. How do you do it? Ariana Monique Almonte: Lol, I’m not always as busy as it may sound or seem. My family always comes first and it…

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    Teachings Tuesday: Family Time Is So Important

    This post has been scheduled in advance. We are off enjoying 72 hours with daddy, so I will not be touching my computer or answering emails until Thursday night/Friday morning.  With the each day that passes, I am learning the true meaning of “simplicity is key.” I love every minute I get to spend with my boys. The images above were taken over the weekend. Rocky and I had just returned from the park and found Jeff and Sebastian playing in the pool. It was nice to take a breather with Rocky at the park. I do not know what it is, but there is something about going to the dog…

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    Mini-Mommy Vacations Are A Must

    Taking a step back from your daily routine is important for your mental health. We have all experienced the feeling of wanting to take a couple of minutes to ourselves. I know because I do this often.  A mini-mommy vacation does not mean you hop on the next plane to a private island — unless you can afford to do so. It means you take a break from caring for your child and care for yourself. This is the time to do whatever it is your heart desires. For some, it means an extra five minutes in the shower, while for others it is simply just taking a walk around the…