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    My Husband Needed A Daughter

    I’d be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind that my husband needed a girl, but I didn’t know just how much it would mean to him. My husband has always been surrounded by girls — his nieces and women in general — but it wasn’t until I found out we were expecting our firstborn that it came to mind. Before Our Girl We planned our second pregnancy because we wanted our firstborn to have a sibling who he could form a bond. Having our two boys was a blessing for us, and we thought we were complete. Never once did we think, “let’s try for a girl”…

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    Word Of The Week: Growth

    When the timing is right, everything seems to just fall into place. But in the meantime, there’s a lot of growing up that needs to be done before things can start to fall into place. This week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on growth, and all the wonderful things I have experienced through it. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s piece. I hope you’re week is as fabulous as you.

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    Trusting Yourself

    One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned after becoming a parent has been to trust myself.  You can really drive yourself insane by searching on Google for every little thing you come across as a parent.  After my son turned one I gave up panicking about the slightest things. It was like a gift to myself: No more acting like psycho Tima.  Of course, I couldn’t do it without a pep talk from his godmother and my long-time friend, Meli. She’s always been known to slap some sense into me. Learning The Ropes I know it only seems easier than it really is, but there are times I just…

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    Finding Your Passion: It’s Easier Said Than Done

    Have you ever sat down and looked at a blank piece of paper?  Sometimes that blank piece of paper is staring back at you, tempting you to write down your thoughts, but all you can do is think.  You slowly begin to imagine all your ideas floating around in your head, and then it hits you.  Why not combine everything you love into one huge opportunity!  And then you realize that’s what you’ve been trying to do the whole time.  Why I Started My Blog This blog/website has been my creative outlet. A corner on the web where I express myself freely.  It’s taken some time for me to realize selling…

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    Why I Rarely Visit Family And Friends

    I’ve been asked several times to go out of my way and visit people.  When we first moved to South Florida, it was tough to get out of the house with an infant.  And now with a toddler and an infant, it’s a lot harder.  People always suggest getting together. And I don’t mind, but I like to do it when Jeff is available to come with me.  An Extra Set Of Hands I like to rely on myself for as much as I can, but sometimes I really need an extra set of arms to help with the boys.  Jeff is my best friend. I love being around him…