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Controlling Pet Stress

Hurricane season has begun here in Florida and for some pet owners it’s all about keeping their pet stress-free whenever they hear thunder during the next couple of weeks. 

I’ve heard of stories of dogs who are terrified of thunder and lightening, and with July around the corner, there will be fireworks too.

To help with pet stress, Thundershirt offers a safe, easy-to-use and multifunctional solution to pet fear and anxiety. With Thundershirt, pet owners can skip the medications and use an inexpensive and positive way to combat pet stress. 
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Fireworks And Pets

Independence Day is around the corner and that means so are fireworks. For animal control officials, July 4-6 are the busiest dates because pets often run away from their homes. The loud sounds have always made me feel uneasy, I can’t imagine what it sounds like for our pup. 
To help protect your pet, here are an additional 4 tips on how to make your pet feel safe this 4th of July:

1. Wear a pet ID. Make sure your pet has up-to-date identification in case he/she runs away when scared by noisy fireworks. ID can help your pet be returned to you safely.

2. Avoid fireworks. Don’t take your pet to events that involve fireworks. Your pet is better off being left home if you are going to partake in firework festivities.

3. Don’t leave pets outside. Keep pets inside as much as possible during fireworks displays. The insulation of your home will help drown out the noise and make your dog feel more secure.

4. Don’t scold a scared pet. This will scare and confuse a dog and reinforce fearful behaviors. 

Although we don’t like putting our dog in a crate, there are some pet owners who do and their pets are used to it. If this is the case, crate your dog and make sure his favorite toy is nearby for further distraction.
Does your pet get anxiety from loud sounds? 

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