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Holiday Decor From Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Holiday Decor MTME
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If you’re gearing up for the holidays, then you know there are a couple of places you want to stop by for holiday decor and gift wrapping ideas.

One of the top three places I like to go to is Dollar Tree. What I love most about heading over to any of their stores is that no two stores are alike. This can be handy when you make holiday baskets.

Holiday Decorations at Dollar Tree MTME

Here’s a tray I recently purchased at Dollar Tree for one of my holiday baskets

The Earlier, The Better
I’ve been scoping out my favorite Dollar Tree store looking to replace some of the coffee mugs I’ve picked up in the past. The few times I’ve seen the style of mug we have has been during the fall. I haven’t seen them this year, but I did spot them online.

At any given moment, you can find party decor items such as table covers, disposable utensils, and plates. One thing I’ve learned from shopping at Dollar Tree for more than 10 years is that you can actually end up overspending on holiday items.

Whenever I plan to decorate our home for an upcoming event, I always think ahead. On most trips to Dollar Tree, I spend anywhere between $20-40.

Decorative Cake Tray from Dollar Tree MTMEWe’re getting ready to celebrate our little guy’s first birthday next month, so we picked up this decorative cake tray for the festivities!

Before making a holiday purchase at Dollar Tree, I always tally my total and ask myself these three questions:

1) Will I really use this?
You can get carried away while shopping at Dollar Tree, after all, everything is a $1! I have to stop myself from time to time and think about what I’m actually buying.

2) Can I reuse this after the holidays?
The holiday decor aisles are always filled with interesting items, but if you take a look around the store, you’ll find other pieces you can use for the holidays that are available throughout the year.
No need to rush and buy something that will only be available now, and not in a week or so.

3) Do I really want this?
This is a question I often ask myself regardless of what store I’m in. A lot of the times I get consumed with wanting to fit a theme and forget how simple it is to make use of the items I already have at home. Sometimes all an item really needs is a little imagination and some pretty ribbons.

Holiday Basket Ideas Dollar Tree MTME

Another holiday tray I picked up to make baskets for smaller families. 


Have you stopped by your local Dollar Tree to see what’s available for the holidays? 

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