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Everyone was a winner at the Baby Wearing Mini Session!

Mombabyandbeyond 2Photo courtesy of @mombabyandbeyond

First-time moms were welcomed with light snacks and refreshments to the Belly Love Spa and Maternity Boutique, and invited to hear great insights from Natalie Dib, Certified Babywearing Educator at Dreamcatcher Consultations and Wraps and Dr. Carrie Wells, college instructor and blogger at, on the benefits of baby wearing. The event was hosted by Mom, Baby, and Beyond.

Dib shared her knowledge of baby wearing DOs and DON’Ts, as well as the proper way of using different baby wraps. Dr. Wells shared her experience with various soft carriers she has  used with her children. Her recommendations were quite insightful. It was great to hear how much freedom these slings and soft carriers provide moms.

Photo courtesy of @mombabyandbeyond

Before attending this event, I was against trying baby wraps because they do not look safe! But, if you look back throughout history, this is a technique that has helped several mothers care for their little ones while they continued to work on the fields or wash clothes in the river.

I have been using a soft carrier with Sebastian since he was a newborn and it has been very helpful for doctor’s visits and trips to local parks. Although there were several things from the Baby Wearing Mini Session event that stuck there was one very important topic that stood out. Forward-facing carriers. Dib said it best, although companies like to market forward-facing carriers as a godsend, parents are warned of the many dangers. These may cause harm to your baby’s developing bones, especially on their back and femur.

Along with the valuable information, guests where asked to participate in a raffle and were randomly chosen to win prizes. All guests received goodie bags which included various baby and mommy items, including products from Luna Bar, ONLI Beverages and Weleda Baby.

Oh, and I cannot forget the delicious sweets! All goodie bags included spice oatmeal lactation cookies from The Traveling Coconut, and the yummy rice crispy treats courtesy of Babycakes’ Cookie Bar, LLC.

Here’s my prize from the raffle, the Suppori wrap.

I will be trying this bad boy out this weekend at the beach, so be on the look out for a future post.

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