How To Naturally Bring Down Your Baby’s Fever

How To Naturally Bring Down Your Baby’s Fever

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The moment someone hears the words, “baby has a fever” they’re quick to throw the words Tylenol that way.

What if I told you there are other, more natural ways to help bring your child’s temperature down?

When we had our firstborn, he wasn’t the easiest when it came to medicine. At times, we’d shove medicine down his throat to get his fever down, but it wouldn’t bring it down right away.

After crying, throwing up a couple of times and taking a nap, his fever would eventuallysubside.

Finding Remedies That Work

Like most firstborns, he was an experiment. I learned how to cope with his tantrums and decided medicine wasn’t the best way to bring down his fever. Of course, as a parent, if you feel your child needs to seek medical assistance, please do so right away.

Our son’s first fever happened one night while my husband was home from work. It was around his 8-month birthday and we couldn’t get his fever down. Teething was the culprit.

We tried giving him medicine, but he refused. We shoved it down his throat only to have him throw it all up. It wasn’t the easiest stain to get out of his onesie.

This was our routine for a couple of nights. With time, I remembered what my parents would do whenever I had a fever. They’d give us a cool bath, place some Vick’s Vapor Rub on our temples, neck, and chest, and send us off to bed.

Before bed, our parents would dress us warm to help us sweat the fever out. Of course our favorite blanket was always nearby for comfort.

Fast-forward to three kids later, we’ve learned there’s value in keeping certain family remedies.

For our kids, cuddle time is essential when they’re sick. We like to hold them as much as possible whenever we can and give them extra loving when they’re not feeling well.

Comfort Is Everything

Finding products that provide comfort for our kids is key to getting sleep. Just like me, the kids prefer to feel warm and snugged when they’re ready for bed. Whether the kids are feeling under the weather or not, having them properly dressed will allow them to sleep throughout the night.

Before the holidays, we tried baby items from Egg by Susan Lazar. What I like about the company is how they consider it a top priority to nurture little ones so that moms and dads can be sure that their children are dressed in the softest natural fabrics, and styles to suit every child’s special and unique personality. For this reason, they’ve launched their gender-neutral collection for babies.

Gender-neutral clothing is a great option for first-time and expecting parents. With adorable pieces, Egg by Susan Lazar offers a number of options for parents to prepare for their precious newborn’s arrival and make ideal gifts for friends and family. Not only is it a popular choice, but gender-neutral clothing also allows your child’s personality shine. These types of clothing allow their style to develop organically, without the pressure of traditional gender roles affecting their choices and aspirations.

We were excited to see that Egg by Susan Lazar has clothing options for up to 12 years. How cool is that?

Head over to the Egg by Susan Lazar website to find a great price on their gender neutral clothing!

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  1. My mom is a nurse and when I had to deal with Kiki’s first Sever she suggested to put cold compress under his knees and armpits and this will help expedite the fever to get lower.

  2. Every parent has to decide on their own what is best for their child. What works for them and how to help them feel better.

  3. Good to know. I would always bathe my kids when they were small and sick. That seemed to help them a lot. I always hated when they had a fever.

  4. This sounds like a pretty amazing product. I have to share it with my friends who are expecting.

  5. I have never heard of Egg by Susan Lazar but I’ll have to check it out. I hope I will some great pieces from there for both my 6-month and 6 year old.

  6. My sister-in-law is due in April, she will appreciate this for sure. And she will love those super clothes even better!!

  7. Baby clothing is so cute. This brand of gender neutral baby clothing looks perfect for expecting and new moms, who want high quality stuff for their precious kiddos.

  8. I love that you’ve shared natural ways to bring down a baby’s fever. I always heard that a fever is something we need to have to heal, just keep it at a reasonable level so it doesn’t get dangerous. I remember always being scared when my baby’s got fevers.

  9. I remember those teething days! I hated using medicine. My boys would literally act like I was killing them. We would often put them in a luke warm bath which seemed to help a lot. I agree with lots of snuggle time.

  10. Super appropriate as my son is fighting a virus with a fever right now!! I haven’t really tried natural fever remedies before. I get nervous to veer away from fever meds because my daughter once had a seizure from a high fever. So I always just want to get it down as fast as possible!

  11. Is that the cutest baby ever? I love gender neutral clothing but I also love seeing pink dresses. I am a lost cause!

  12. Those clothes are so cute! I will be keeping Egg by Susan Lazar in mind for the next baby showers I need to attend.

  13. I love the idea that children should be dressed in the softest natural fabrics. They need to feel comfortable. And I always choose only clothes made from natural fabrics.

  14. Those clothes is perfect for babies and looks so comfortable to wear especially this winter season. Thanks for sharing it!

  15. That onsie is just adorable, and I agree, it’s nice to have comfy and practical clothing for little ones. I am all about natural fabrics. When my daughter wears synthetics like fleece, it irritates her skin.

  16. My most worrisome days when my son was a baby was whenever he had a fever. Glad you shared these tips. This would be a good resource for parents with babies.

  17. I agree cuddle time is essential when they’re sick. We do a lot of cuddling and loving on them while they are sick. I remember wanting my mom’s extra love when I was sick.

  18. Keeping our kids comfortable when they get sick is important. One of the remedies that I often use when my baby get sick is giving her a cold bath or cold compress. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, comfort is everything for the little ones. Even us! Who doesn’t like to feel cozy.

  19. What great tips for dealing with a stressful situation for babies and parents alike! BTW, I love your little one’s outfit.

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