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DIY Beauty: Inexpensive Alternatives

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You’re already beautiful, but sometimes you want to feel it too.

There are many inexpensive alternatives to keeping up with your hair and nails. For 2017, I’ll be doing my nails often and hope to keep up with other daily beauty routines.

Before I became a parent, I used to style my hair and keep up with my nails. It’s taken years for me to get back to caring for myself. My family always comes first, but I made a promise to myself recently that I will do my best to keep up with what makes me feel beautiful inside and out.

When I moved to South Florida, I lost a lot of connections. Not just professionally, but I also left behind my hairstylist, favorite nail salon and eyebrow place.

Starting over is scary. Trusting someone else to touch my hair, nails or eyebrows is terrifying. I shared more about my experience in a previous post.

The Price To Pay For Beauty

Since the move, I’ve learned to do my beauty regimen at home, not only out of fear but to help save time and money.

My kids spend the majority of their day with me and I wouldn’t want them to spend an hour or two at the salon when we could spend that time at a park, local beach or even a museum.

Here’s how I’ve been able to cut down on time and money by doing it on my own:
Nail salon:
Cost – $25+
Time – About an hour, depending on the wait

Hair salon:
Cost – $35+ (wash and dry), $65+ (dye, wash and dry)
Time – About two to two and a half hours

Eyebrow threading:
Cost – $10+
Time – 15 to 30 minutes

All this takes a minimum of three hours and 15 minutes at a beauty salon and costs $70+ without tip included. 

Nails At Home:
KISS set with design: $8/KISS set: 100 count, $10

Hair At Home:
About $5-10 worth of electricity spent
At-home box dye (Garnier Nutriesse, 93 Light Golden Blonde) $7 (two boxes for my hair length and thickness)

Eyebrow threading At Home:
$0, I used the same thread I’d use to sow a button/use a $8 tweezer from a drugstore.

At minimum I pay $27 on my at-home beauty regimen. 

One thing you’ll need to remember if you’re looking to do your own hair, nails, and eyebrows that it may not be as good as the way the professionals do it. I’ve had my share of mistakes.

I can easily cut costs here by not dying my hair or applying fake nails, but I enjoy doing both. The fake nails are to assist my real nails in growth. I have a nail-biting habit that comes and goes. I want to allow my real nails some time to grow before I go back to styling them again. I already own 30+ nail polish bottles and always want more!

If you’re not a fan or using nail polish on your nails, or don’t want to deal with having dry your nails, then I suggest using nail wraps. KISS has a couple available at your local drugstore. 

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