iOS 7 For Moms


I hesitated to download iOS 7 for my phone. I usually wait about a week after a new software is released. I was quick to jump on it. Although I was drawn to the clean look, there are new features that make this mommy a happy camper 🙂

What are they you ask? Here’s a list:
Control center:
iOS 7 Control Center

Let’s face it, moms love to be in control, and now with the iOS7, we just slide up and it’s all there! Want to monitor your data usage by logging on WiFi? Tap the WiFi icon. Need a light? Tap the flashlight. And my personal favorite for monitoring my budget, the calculator. I no longer need to log in for simple things.

Quick calendar view:

If you’re a busy mommy you can appreciate this update. You don’t even have to put a passcode — if you have one on your phone — to view doctor’s appoints, play dates, etc. It’s there.

Photo Collections:

You can now share photos with people on your phone book from the birth of your child to their first time at the park. This was a feature I always wanted. Makes sharing photos with loved ones a lot easier.

If you can think of any other features from iOS 7 mommy’s can use, feel free to comment below.

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