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MomViews: How To Minimize Mom Guilt

This week on MomViews, I share quick tips on how you can slowly let go of the mom guilt. As a parent of three under five, I often find myself feeling overwhelmed.

Having my dad with us for months during my third trimester up until our baby girl turned two months was a blessing. Now that we don’t have the extra set of hands, it’s been tough to focus. Fortunately, we’ve been able to handle things well.

Mom Guilt Is Real
Having help around our home is great, but sometimes you can’t put too much weight on your shoulders. At some point, those expectations you have might not be met. It’s okay to let them go or focus on other things that are more attainable.

For me, it’s been about readjusting my schedule — not that I don’t do this often — but actually making it (realistically) work for me.

If you’re feeling like your life is a mess, then, believe me, I know exactly what you’re going through!

Having a newborn and running a business isn’t always easy. A lot of the times I feel as though I need a break — and I take them.

In between those breaks, I try to do my best and connect with the kids or do something that requires less of my energy. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I remember when I was starting out and we had our firstborn. I worked almost around the clock and felt overworked.

You know what they say, with time, things always get better. That’s exactly what happened when we had our second. Although they entertain each other throughout the day and we had our eldest in preschool, it wasn’t as balanced as I have it today.

Have you ever heard of the saying, if you want something done, give it to the busiest person? The reason for this saying is that they’ll find time for everything on their list.

That’s very true in this case. It won’t always be on the deadline, but it will get done.

Saying No Is Okay
There was a time during our second child that I couldn’t say no to others. You can imagine how that would turn out. This time, I was overworking myself for the sake of not wanting to turn things down. Even unpaid things as well. To be honest, the later helped me as well. I learned a lot from others and continue to do so.

Today, I’m perfectly fine with telling someone I won’t be able to do something. Do you know why? It’s because in the end, it only hurts me and those around me.

I can’t count how many times I worked with brands who were offering product/service and wanted the moon and the sky.

So, as difficult as it was for me back then to decline, I now do it with ease. I always like to remind myself why I started this journey, and it sure wasn’t to overbook myself and never have time for those I love. 😉

Overcoming Mom Guilt
Parenting can be tough, and if you throw on working from home, then you better know how to manage the two without hurting one.

It sounds impossible, but it can be done. I shared my tips below for you or a friend in need of a little inspiration. You can also watch my video on how I’ve been able to balance everything since having a newborn at home.

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