MomViews: April Roundup

If you’ve been following my blog lately you’ve noticed a new series taking place each and every Wednesday. And it’s been getting some amazing feedback from the online mommy community (thank you so much for spreading the word!)

I joined the online mommy community in August 2013 soon after the birth of my son. Finding a common ground with these other moms has been a blessing.
Before launching my first series, I asked a couple of my mommy friends to share their thoughts on motherhood. The following week, I presented the series with a recap of the survey results. Soon after I prepared my list of upcoming sessions for the MomViews series, and I’m happy to announce my next opening is not until mid-July! (Go me!)

Below are a quotes from each of April’s series with links to the post. These women shared a snippet of what it’s like to be single mother, a homeschooling parent and the number one fan of your spouse.

MomViews EpicMommyAdventures
MomViews FromABCstoACTs
MomViews Marjorie Stenger

Stay tuned for new installments of the series this month.

‘Til tomorrow, loves….Motherhood Through My Eyes Signature

Fatima Torres

What's life like with three kids and two pups? It's entertaining, that's for sure! MTME breaks down family fun ideas and shares personal insights from a former B2B editor and digital marketer turned mom running a business and a household -- all under one roof. With her husband as her #1 fan, there isn't anything she can't accomplish. Read on to learn how she breathes in fire and exhales success.

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