MomViews: Experiencing Mom Guilt


Mom guilt is real, and oftentimes I find myself taking the blame for things that are beyond my control. This week on MomViews, I’m sharing how easy it is to become your own worst enemy.

Becoming a stay-at-home mom was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made. It requires you to be selfless at all times, and it can really make things difficult

It took me years to realize the value in my everyday life. Going from working full-time and being independent to full-time mom and Being home with our boys might drive me insane at times, but it’s well worth it. There are times I think about going back to working outside of the home. Just thinking about the freedom of being able to focus on a task instead of having to get up more than five times as I try to finish an email.

I’ve had several discussions with Jeff about how I feel when things don’t go my way or the way I would imagine it would. The trouble I always ran into is being able to find value in myself and my capabilities.

Parenting As An Adult
Some people say when you become a parent, you pretty much know what to expect. Not once did it cross my mind how hard it would be.

When I first stepped into the role of parenting I thought it was going to be a lot easier. Caring for baby dolls is nothing like caring for a child in real life.

There were moments I would beat myself up about something that was beyond my control. Adding a second child didn’t make it easier. I remember crazy days followed by long nights. When the boys were younger, a good day meant I had time to shower and clean up our home.

Today, good days are the ones where we get to spend time together and explore somewhere new or visit one of our favorite places. Even on days where we just stay home and order out, those often mean our home will be a mess, and that’s okay.

A mess means we had fun. We made the kids smile and that they’re still alive. 


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