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Last week’s Love Topic:
What is your fave love quote? Why? What do you think about what Neruda describes when it comes to love? Do you agree?

“Breathe out, so I can breathe you in. Hold you in.” – Everlong, Foo Fighters.

There’s something about this line that always gives me the chills. It’s the best way to describe passion — taking the person’s breath away. Growing up, I loved the video to this song. I was young, and in love with the weirdness. With time and maturity I fell in love with the true meaning behind its lyrics.

As for Pablo Neruda’s quote, I have always been fascinated with his words. Funny enough, this quote is one of my personal favorites. It is the purest form of love — a reaction to actions of kindness. No selfishness, yet selflessness. Becoming one with the person. 🙂
Your turn.
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