My Toddler Eats 'Fast Food' Every Morning

My Toddler Eats 'Fast Food' Every Morning

Go ahead, judge me. 
I choose to give my son fast food every morning out of convenience. I’d give it to Jeff if I could, but he prefers eggs in the morning. 
Wait, you thought I meant fast food as in what you buy from a drive-thru? 
Fast food as in, food that is easily prepared
My son eats fruits, yogurt and pancakes. And it’s not always at the same time. 
His snacks for school are somewhat varied. Unless I had a long night. In that case, he just gets whatever fruits I can grab first. 
Go ahead, judge me. 
I do have mornings when I strategically plan his breakfast and snack so he doesn’t end up eating the same thing twice, or all day. 
But some days, he’s just really picky and that’s all he wants to eat. So instead of letting him starve, I let him eat the fast food. Happy tummy makes for a happy baby, right? Well how about a sane mommy, too! 
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