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Starter Kit For New Moms

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Becoming a parent for the second time meant I had to remember some of the things that went right and wrong when our firstborn was an infant. The same terrifying emotions that I went through with our eldest seemed to make its way back into my life. 

Every child is different, and these boys are polar opposites. Regardless, we love them both the same. 

Starting Fresh

It’s safe to say we didn’t need much when we had our second child. However, we did simplify our lives by only keeping necessary items on hand. 

Below are three options that really make a difference for new moms:

1. A multifunctional diaper bag.

One of the first items we replaced was our diaper bag. It needed to fit our lifestyle. We’re always on the go and most of the time, we get sand everywhere. 

I needed something that not only worked for when we traveled with the little ones, but also allowed me to look professional during events with clients. As a freelancer and blogger, I run into situations when I have to carry a load of documents and my laptop. You always want to be prepared for those moments, so I recommend finding that diaper bag that works for numerous occasions.

2. Meaningful toys.

We’ve purchased and received a number of toys for our boys over the years. Regardless of how many times I tell family and friends that we no longer have space in our playroom for anything else, we manage to receive five more. If you’re looking to gift a new mom with a toy their little one will love, go for toys that don’t need batteries. Every parent will thank you for minimizing the noise in their home.
Wooden toys are always a hit in our home because they’re durable and allow our little ones to use their imagination.

3. Easy-to-carry items.

New moms seem to have a phobia of taking multiple trips when traveling with their little ones. I know because I know a number of them — including myself. Small items that easily fit inside of a diaper bag such as books are always a good option.

Another alternative that helps parents traveling with their children is to have a separate backpack for their toys. We do this whenever our eldest heads to work with my husband while I’m off to an event with our youngest.

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