Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

If Sebastian could say these words, he would. Although in his own language he tells us about his day and how painful his gases are — poor baby! Happy Birthday, Papi! I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, but after seeing my father with Sebastian, I can’t help but reminisce of my childhood. I love the […]

Trust Takes Time

Only trust someone who can see these three things in you:1) The sorrow behind your smile;2) The love behind your anger; and 3) The reason behind your silence. I read the quote above in a friend’s Instagram post and it made me think about the person I am and the people I surround myself with. […]

Mommy Tip #3: Don't Believe Everything Online

You probably conduct online searches on a daily basis, however, this shouldn’t be your only source. I freaked myself out several times during my pregnancy trying to figure out whatever I was feeling at the time only to go to my doctor and hear it was nothing. I will admit that, although I wouldn’t recommend […]

Put On A Funny Face!

You won’t always feel your best, but if you put on a silly face, you’ll slowly feel better. 😉 It doesn’t always need to be a silly face, you could simply compliment yourself or someone else on their skills. Try it. You just never know who might need a little happiness in their life.

Mommy Tip #2: Make Time

My motto is “there are 24 hours in a day, if you didn’t get to something it’s because you didn’t want to.” I find myself saying those words whenever I feel like complaining about time.Here’s what you can do to save time: 1) Set your alarm at least two hours ahead this way you add […]