Sebastian's New Love

Sebastian has found a new love. It’s a toy giraffe that sounds like a raddle when you shake it and its legs are meant for teething babies. The mirror on its chest is his favorite. He loves this toy so much. I’ve even caught him kissing it before bed.

Funny Face

Sebastian’s been keeping a smile on my face the past few days. His expressions are priceless. I love to see him smile, laugh and most of all, interact with others. The photo was taken on a Sunday afternoon before we headed out to see family and friends. The Niners were going to play. We all […]

A Happy Pup

This photo is a repost from Jeff’s Instagram account. I fell in love with it. Rocky looks like he’s been running around and stopped for a quick pose 🙂 I recently canceled my gym membership. I figured I’d get more exercise walking Rocky and running after Sebastian (once he starts walking). We’ll be taking turns […]

Making His House Our Home

You’ve heard the expression that a man’s house is his den. But what happens when the lioness moves in? I had a hard time adjusting to a new place and calling it my own. Each room has a theme. Mainly the colors of his favorite teams — San Fran 49ers in the basement and NY […]

All Through The Night

He’s done it. Sebastian slept through the night and we’re very proud. 🙂 Sebastian’s well-rested but so are we and that includes Rocky. So, Happy First Full Night, Sebas! The good news is, it’s Thursday, which means on Jeff’s day off, he’ll have an active baby. I hope he’s ready! 😉