The Happy Teether

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true. Sebastian is growing his pearly whites and smiling away. Occasionally he’ll get uncomfortable but once I lay him down on his back and talk to him he smiles. Mommy, on the hand, is still breastfeeding. You can imagine how painful it has become. 🙁 Follow my blog […]

A Blessed Day

Today was Sebastian’s first time at mass. He was asleep for most of the sermon, but woke up just in time for dismissal. Everyone kept smiling and saying God Bless him. A family friend asked to hold him after mass and he went to her arms like she was mommy. It was cute, but then […]

Confidence Is A Must

You hear it over and over again: “I’m a mother now.” But what does that mean? To some, it’s losing their figure under baggy clothes. Forgetting to wear makeup/get dolled up. It’s forgetting who they used to be with everyone and everything before their child. For me, being a mother is having to play the […]

Sebastian's New Love

Sebastian has found a new love. It’s a toy giraffe that sounds like a raddle when you shake it and its legs are meant for teething babies. The mirror on its chest is his favorite. He loves this toy so much. I’ve even caught him kissing it before bed.

Funny Face

Sebastian’s been keeping a smile on my face the past few days. His expressions are priceless. I love to see him smile, laugh and most of all, interact with others. The photo was taken on a Sunday afternoon before we headed out to see family and friends. The Niners were going to play. We all […]