Another Saturday

Saturdays are my days. I enjoy them with the little guys. I go food shopping, spend time with my family and wait until Jeff gets home to either go out or stay in doors watching a good film/catch up on Bill Maher. It’s a great Saturday. But all this starts in the afternoon. My Saturday […]

iOS 7 For Moms

I hesitated to download iOS 7 for my phone. I usually wait about a week after a new software is released. I was quick to jump on it. Although I was drawn to the clean look, there are new features that make this mommy a happy camper 🙂 What are they you ask? Here’s a […]

A Mother's Love

Last night I laid in bed with Jeff and our little one. Jeff had suggested I watch a short video on chimps narrated by Jane Goodall. He said he had watched it the night before and thought I’d enjoy it. He was right. The film reminded me of where I am today — how I […]

Stinky Sebas

Stinky, but cute. That’s the only way I can describe his farts. I don’t think there’s anything Sebastian can do at this moment that’ll annoy my honey and I. He’s in his cute stages. Although I wish he could stay this way forever, I’m excited to see him hit his milestones. Yesterday was the first […]

Mommy News

LeapPad Tablet Tops Holiday Wishlist LeapFrog Enterprises announced on Sept. 18, 2013 that the LeapPad ULTRA tablet has been selected among other toys as one of the Kmart Fab 15 holiday toy list. Read more.