Sebastian's Corner

We’ve added a new place for our little guy! We had a quiet area next to the TV room; two book shelves, a couch, a rug, and my little arts and crafts shelf. We never really used it. It was more like Rocky’s second hangout. When guests would come, they didn’t really have a place […]

You'll Be In My Heart, Always

It’s taken me a while to write my next post because I’ve been enjoying the time I have to write with my guys. The last few days I’ve been emotional, thinking of the two weeks after we got home from the hospital. I was emotional then, but they were tears of happiness. After the hospital, […]

Our "Baby" Trainer, Rocky

I remember how much my honey tried to convince me to get a dog. He wanted a labradoodle – a labrador and poodle mix. I’ve had small dogs all my life, and having a labradoodle was the last thing on my mind. We planned to have a dog after our son turned one. But once […]

The Tag-Teaming Duo

For some, differences can be an issue — a reason to argue. For my honey and I, it’s a blessing. Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of similarities, but it’s the differences that keep us going. We both experienced hardships and were single for four years. Teaming up has been great; we’ve been able […]

How Superman Saved Us

We both planned to settle down in the next five years. A year hadn’t passed when I got pregnant. I felt I let myself down. I always expected so much, wanted more… but did I need it? We had a life, but we weren’t really living. Since the birth of our son we’ve been able […]