Stinky Sebas

Stinky, but cute. That’s the only way I can describe his farts. I don’t think there’s anything Sebastian can do at this moment that’ll annoy my honey and I. He’s in his cute stages. Although I wish he could stay this way forever, I’m excited to see him hit his milestones. Yesterday was the first […]

Mommy News

LeapPad Tablet Tops Holiday Wishlist LeapFrog Enterprises announced on Sept. 18, 2013 that the LeapPad ULTRA tablet has been selected among other toys as one of the Kmart Fab 15 holiday toy list. Read more.

We Broke Our Rule

Sunday mornings have always been our favorite. Now, they’ve gotten a lot better. We made a rule to let Rocky on our bed after Sebastian turns 3 months. Things changed this past weekend. Rocky jumped on my side of the bed just to avoid Jeff’s reaction. Jeff and I looked at each other, waiting for […]

Dressing Up After Pregnancy

It’s not every day that you find a pregnant woman in heels, and maybe you shouldn’t. I wore heels while I was pregnant and would occasionally get back pains. I didn’t care. I wanted to dress “cute” because I was carrying around a beautiful belly. Of course, that’s the only time in a woman’s life […]

Sebastian's Corner

We’ve added a new place for our little guy! We had a quiet area next to the TV room; two book shelves, a couch, a rug, and my little arts and crafts shelf. We never really used it. It was more like Rocky’s second hangout. When guests would come, they didn’t really have a place […]