The Tag-Teaming Duo

For some, differences can be an issue — a reason to argue. For my honey and I, it’s a blessing. Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of similarities, but it’s the differences that keep us going. We both experienced hardships and were single for four years. Teaming up has been great; we’ve been able […]

How Superman Saved Us

We both planned to settle down in the next five years. A year hadn’t passed when I got pregnant. I felt I let myself down. I always expected so much, wanted more… but did I need it? We had a life, but we weren’t really living. Since the birth of our son we’ve been able […]

Express yourself!

Sebastian’s little face had me cracking up this morning. He’s been smiling a lot more often. I’m sure mommy looked hilarious this morning with her hair curly and in a high bun. Every time I swung my hair side to side he’d smile, almost to the point of cracking up. The first time he saw […]

Labor Day Weekend In Doors

I love spending time with friends and family, and if you’re like me, your friends become part of your family. This weekend has been amazing: Grocery shopping and birthday planning on Friday, and evenings with long-time friends and family on Saturday and Sunday. I love these moments. I had a great Saturday evening. We were […]

Bonding Through Breastfeeding

I made the decision prior to the birth of my son that I would breastfeed. Nursing has been the best decision, although I didn’t think so after my c-section (refer to my previous post). It’s about the bond. I love spending time with my little guy and I do so whenever I can. I usually […]