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5 Tips For Planning A Month Worth Of Content In A Day

Starting something is always the toughest part, and even when you’ve already begun to develop an idea there are other factors that come into play.

Creating content for my blog has always been exciting to me. Jotting down ideas and linking back to old posts can be rewarding. 

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After writing ideas for upcoming blog posts, I like to think about how I’d like to present each piece. Will there be a video attached to the blog post? Should I create images? Will there be a quote that I’d like to highlight on social shares, etc.? 

Understanding where I’d like to take each blog post helps me plan what I’d like to share. Below I share five tips on how I create a month worth of content during my downtime. 

  1. Think about upcoming events.
    Planning your content based on what’s happening during the month can be helpful. One thing I like to do is think of the upcoming holidays and how they relate to my readers. 
  2. Plan something you’ve been wanting to write. 
    There’s nothing more exciting than finally working on a piece you’ve had in mind for a while. It helps you want to look forward to writing. 
  3. Look for inspiration on other blogs. 
    You never know who or what might inspire you, so don’t hesitate to read someone else’s piece. It might trigger you to want to write a reaction post.
  4. Create a weekly or bi-weekly series. 
    Focus on topics you enjoy writing the most and turn it into a series. A few years ago I created the MomViews series, and I wanted to bring it back because it was fun to do. Now, I have two additional series on my blog and YouTube channel for my readers. 
  5. Keep track of current projects. 
    By planning a blog post days in advance you’re giving yourself room to get creative with the content you’ve outlined for the near future. I’m currently working on a virtual event for 2020 and I get excited to talk about it with family and friends. 

Why Plan Your Content 

During my second pregnancy, I decided to plan content for my blog. It helped me stay present while in labor and the days that followed. I also felt more inspired to get back to writing about my journey knowing that I just had to keep going. 

It’s always easier to keep doing something than it is to start over. 

Have you ever scheduled content for your blog? Tell me how it helped you in a comment below.

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