The POD 22: Miami Moms Retreat

Taking some time for myself is hard with two under five, but after being introduced to the Pod 22 in Miami, I realized it’s all about finding the right place.

This weekend, I was invited to the Pod 22, located at 8101 Biscayne Blvd #102, Miami, FL for some mommy and me time. I brought our youngest while our eldest enjoyed a day at work with daddy. It was a Sunday, so we were able to do so.

Manicures were a thing of a past when I had our second child. I resorted to trying different options to cover up my real nails, not realizing how terrible all those chemicals were on my nails (and overall health).

After being introduced to the Pod 22, I’m thinking maybe I could squeeze in a visit or two here and there, and not have to worry about whether or not the kids are okay.

He didn’t want to leave his mama.

Anyone down for a little interactive soccer? 

4 Perks Of The Pod
When I first heard about this new place located on Biscayne Blvd, I thought it was genius. After my first visit, I’m loving the concept. Below are four perks on visiting The Pod 22 instead of your typical nail salon:

1. Manicures with just girls are a thing of the past.
You don’t need to be a mom of girls to enjoy a little time at the nail salon with your child. Regardless of age, there’s something for your child to enjoy. Boy moms, book your appointment today! 

2. Grab a snack while you wait.
Taking your child anywhere means you have to load up the diaper bag with snacks and be on our way. At the Pod 22, there’s no need. There’s a vending machine with snacks for you to choose from, regardless of food sensitivities.

3. Certified babysitters. 
This alone is enough to make you want to stop by, and possibly hire one for the night. Your nails will come out looking fabulous. Take it from me, I’m a semi-recovering nailbiter who only does it when she’s stressed.

Look how lovely my manicure turned out: 

4. Fairly-Priced Options.
Because good service is never cheap, there are monthly package deals for you to enjoy — with or without your child.
Stop by their website for more information on their membership options.

Additional perk: 
The Pod 22 will be using new, non-toxic products within the upcoming weeks for health-conscious moms. 

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24 thoughts on “The POD 22: Miami Moms Retreat

  1. That’s it, I’m moving! Why isn’t there one of these here in San Francisco?? I would go to it all of the time! It seems like such a great place for mom’s to get a little me time!

  2. This is so cool. It’s a great place to leave the kids in and keep them occupied while you finish errands for the day. I’m sure parents will have a peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe and having fun.

  3. This is so cool! Where I’m from we have a coffee shop/playground combo similar to this, but I haven’t ever seen a nail salon/play area before! How great for moms!


  4. This place will surely love by my kids! It’s really fun and amazing. Glad that they also have a membership.

  5. How I wish they have a place like that here! I do have trouble getting mani pedis too because of my little girl. Getting a free sched is just hard. Great you have that option there!

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