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My Husband Is The Real MVP

When I started this parenting journey with my husband, I didn’t think it would be this much fun. Three kids later and you’d never believe we met at a car dealership. I shared about our story in a previous post. You can read about it here.

I’ve always known that I’m not the easiest person to deal with, yet my husband makes it look like it’s a pleasure.

I remember when we started dating and how simple it was for him and me to connect. Being in his arms felt like I was home. Everything just felt right.

It still feels the same now, but it’s for a different reason.

I’ve always felt a connection to him and when we started a family I took on a new role as a stay-at-home mom. He took on a lot of the financial aspect of our relationship. When we moved to South Florida, I knew I didn’t want to just be home. He knew that wasn’t part of my plan.

Starting A Business Together
Although I began Motherhood Through My Eyes prior to our move, it wasn’t until discussing some ideas with my husband that I decided to focus on my blog as a business. Every chance I could, I was coming up with ideas. My husband has always been a huge part of my blog even if I don’t mention him as often.

I remember one time I had to head to an event at night and I almost backed down because I didn’t want to leave him home with our firstborn on his day off from work. I wanted to spend time with him, but he told me to go.

That night I connected with a group of mom bloggers who’ve forever changed my mindset. I’ve learned to hustle a lot harder than ever and I’ve developed a close relationship with a handful of them.

Throughout the years, my husband has continued to be like a business partner. I consult ideas with him, we visit stores together and he’s even helped me create images and videos for clients. How cool is he?

Like most business partnerships, we had our downs. I remember when I began freelance work to earn extra cash and how it started to come in between our marriage. I was no longer spending nights with my husband. Instead, I was handing off our children to my husband as soon as he walked into the door and taking out my laptop.

I know, it sounds terrible. However, it was the only way to meet deadlines every night.

Know Your Worth
Bumping heads was just what we needed to realize how much we weren’t making time for each other. Looking back, it’s scary to think about how we were preoccupied with everything but each other.

One thing I wanted to change this year was to focus more on my family, regardless of the deadlines. I wanted to get back to what mattered and why I even started this blog — my family.

When I placed my focus on ways to balance the two, I noticed a sigh of relief on my husband’s face. Even the kids began to notice less tension between us.

It’s been a blessing to work from home, but I will admit that it’s no walk in the park. It takes patience to create something from the ground up, and lots of support from those you love.

You know what they say, behind every great man is a strong woman. I’d like to add that behind this strong woman is a very supportive husband.

Former B2B editor and marketing manager turned Family & Lifestyle blogger. Fatima is passionate about life and being social. When she isn't running around with her husband, three kids, and two pups, Fatima helps other bloggers and local businesses with their online marketing strategy. If you have any questions or would like to connect, feel free to reach out via email:


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