Second Trimester Tips

Second Trimester Tips

While in my second trimester I started to notice a little bump. It was enough to make my size 4 jeans difficult to button and everything else look funny.

So, what did I do? Here are some tips for you pregnant fashionistas:

Stick to dresses

The best thing to wear during your pregnancy is a dress. It’s easier to accessorize and layer.

Ask a friend

I was lucky to have had friends and colleagues that knew the pains of pregnancy. Office attire for a pregnant woman was hard to find, so I asked around and a colleague’s wife was willing to let me pick out a few things from her maternity days.

Prevent stretch marks 

Please keep yourself hydrated, and for those of you who fear getting stretch marks, always wear cocoa butter. If you’re not a fan of cocoa butter, try baby oil after a shower.

Shaving while pregnant

For those of you who shave, you may notice unwanted hair growing faster than ever. I should know, I battled with my leg hairs throughout the first trimester.

A friend recommended I use baby oil to shave, and I have been using this method ever since. You want to use it after a shower but before you dry yourself off. After applying it, get your favorite razor and go for it. I personally recommend using men’s Gillette razorsthey have the best blades!

Keep track of everything

You know the saying “she has pregnancy brain” — well, it’s true. At least it was for me. I’d forget everything! I had my honey come to every visit with me and we’d always keep in touch throughout the day to remind each other of upcoming appointments. I also downloaded a pregnancy app on my iPhone to help me keep track of my weight gain and my son’s progress. It definitely helped, and I was a happy mommy that never missed anything.

I believe that’s it for the second trimester. Oh, and, don’t forget, it’s okay to continue having sex. Enjoy it! These are the months you and your love can explore each other without needing to use any birth control methods.

Is there anything you remember from your second trimester? Share below!

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