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How To Create A Simple, Stress-Free Birthday Party

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Earlier this month we celebrated our little one’s first birthday — and it was a success! We went with a Pretty in Pink theme and included an ice cream social for family and friends to enjoy.

Putting together an event in our home is always interesting when you have to move things around. To make things easier we removed the toys from our playroom and placed our dining table in the middle. This allowed us to have a dancefloor for the little ones to enjoy.

For a successful and stress-free first birthday party you’ll need to do the following:

1) Plan the birthday theme months in advance.
2) Buy items for your child’s birthday as the date nears.
3) Pile the essentials a week before.
4) Think of last-minute things.
5) Enjoy the party.

The Decor

Having a theme for a birthday party is always a bonus. In doing so, you’re basically narrowing down all the potential decorations and activities you’ll have available for your guests.

When we decided on a Pretty in Pink theme, we knew it meant pink would be everywhere. However, it didn’t need to be on everything.

We used other colors like purple and white to contrast the pink decorations. This made the setup more pleasing to the eye and even made other items stand out.

stress free birthday party
The boys were waiting for everyone to arrive for their sister’s first birthday.
Cookies for days in honor of our cookie monster.

The Night Before The Party

Deciding on a theme was exciting. Having the decorations ready months prior to the event was a bonus. What made everything even less stressful was baking the night before.

We knew we wanted to host an ice cream social and there’s nothing like a good cookie to go with your treat. We baked Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pillsbury Sugar Cookies as well. These went well with our Jeni’s Ice Cream flavors.

We even made sure we had the essentials for our non-dairy family and friends, like Dairy Free Jeni’s Ice Cream. You can check out all the dairy-free flavors here.

If you need your Jeni’s Ice Cream fix today, then head over to their store locator to find out where you can pick up a pint.

Birthday Girl Treatment

Our daughter is the last of our tribe and we wanted to make her birthday somewhat memorable. Her official birthday was the following day and it was cute to see her sitting on her highchair enjoying her ice cream cake — in true birthday girl style!

We threw in some fruits as well. Here’s how we plated her Squooshi Silicone Plate:

The Squooshi Silicone Plates are convenient for picky eaters. Nothing touches!

Having the Squooshi Silicone Bib handy was perfect for our messy girl as she explored the different textures on her plate.

Picking out the leftovers in her Squooshi Silicone Bib.

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