Starter Kit For New Moms

This post is sponsored by Baby Cubby. Although I received compensation for sharing this information, all thoughts are my own. Becoming a parent for the second time meant I had to remember some of the things that went right and wrong when our firstborn was an infant. The same terrifying emotions that I went through with […]

Mommycise Fitness Celebrates One-Year Anniversary!

A reason for yoga pants and a mommy bun? Yes, please! I have been eyeing Mommycise Fitness for a while now, and when I received an invitation to their one-year anniversary celebration this weekend, I jumped on it right away! Mommycise Fitness is a unique fitness studio for new moms looking to lose their baby weight in […]

Citrus Lane: The Perfect Holiday Gift For Babies

Holidays are never easy to predict. From bad weather to annoying traffic, you almost never want to leave your comfortable bed, so why leave it to go shopping this holiday? Although I am a big fan of making my own holiday gift baskets, there are companies such as Citrus Lane that can do all the work for […]

Mommy Tip #3: Don't Believe Everything Online

You probably conduct online searches on a daily basis, however, this shouldn’t be your only source. I freaked myself out several times during my pregnancy trying to figure out whatever I was feeling at the time only to go to my doctor and hear it was nothing. I will admit that, although I wouldn’t recommend […]

Mommy Tip #2: Make Time

My motto is “there are 24 hours in a day, if you didn’t get to something it’s because you didn’t want to.” I find myself saying those words whenever I feel like complaining about time.Here’s what you can do to save time: 1) Set your alarm at least two hours ahead this way you add […]