The Mommy Uniform

I’ve always joked about the clothing items I wear on a daily basis, and it’s time I shared it with my readers. I won’t be surprised if you wear something similar.  Getting dressed for work means throwing on the same outfits throughout the week. Most people have a polished look going on when they enter […]

Taking The Plunge

Making the move from North Jersey to South Florida with my little family was probably the toughest decision I’ve ever done. After leaving family and friends behind, along with my first big girl job, I never imagined my life would’ve changed so drastically once I had become a full-time mom. My focus became my family, and thankfully, […]

MomViews: How A SAHM Keeps Sane

Stay-at-home parents have a tough job. From sun up to sun down, they are doing their best to care for their family. One stay-at-home mom (SAHM), Marisela Morales, blogs about her experience at Everything SAHM. Marisela also offers tips for other stay-at-home moms and how to cope with many of the issues SAHMs face. MomViews: You’re […]