Teachings Tuesday: Some Days Are Just Wacky

Sebastian and RockyDisclosure: This post features affiliate links.
When the weather is a bit wacky, you should expect your little one to be the same. At least that is our situation today.

On gloomy days, Sebastian likes to sleep in. Today is a gloomy day but Sebastian refuses to take his usual mid-morning/early-afternoon nap. The good news is I am able to clean while he is awake. This is usually a big no-no in his book. When he is up, he likes all the attention on him, and occasionally on Rocky. 😉

To keep my wild child calm, I like to read him a story. Sometimes he even walks up to the shelf a picks out a book. Although we have variety of books on our shelf, Sebastian seems to be drawn to Dr. Seuss & His Friends. I think it has to do with all the bold colors and hearing me read all the tongue twisters in Hop on Pop. Have you ever tried reading that one out loud to your child? It is quite entertaining, not only for your little one, but you definitely get a laugh.

Dr. Seuss and His Friends offer going on at Earlymoments.com:
You can order 5 books for the price of one and have it shipped to you for free!

Dr Seuss and His Friends MTME

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