The Art Of Letting Go

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It has always reminded me of how death can be so beautiful.

Each year the leaves trade in their green shade for an auburn, amber or orange color, and when the time is right, they let go. Floating in the air until they reach the ground.

Happiness, in my eyes, comes from taking that leap of faith. I never thought that letting go would be such an amazing feeling. As humans, we hold on to things, people and places because we’re used to them. But what about life? Life is probably the best analogy. You can physically and mentally hold on to a person, a moment or even a thing, but you will eventually end up letting it go because in life there is always time. I’m not sure who said it first but they were right — time flies.

If there’s anything I could tell my son as he grows it’s that there’s a beauty in letting go, an art that few people know. And once you leave your past, your worries and even your safety zone, you’ll learn what it is to truly live.

I know it won’t be easy watching him grow, but I know that it’s in how we raise him. So far, he’s been an amazing little guy. I’m proud of Jeff and I.

The truth is letting go will never be an easy task, but with love and God on your side, anything and everything is possible.
Don’t believe me? Look back at your life and think of how “letting go” has helped you become the person you are today. 😉

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