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How To Make The Good Stuff No-Rinse Conditioner Work For You

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Trying different hair products for curly hair can be tricky. Some will work, and others won’t.

But what if I told you I got one brand that wasn’t working on my thick, curly hair to help improve my hair?

That’s what happened last month during a product review. As with most products, I like to follow the directions on the back of each bottle. Whether it’s a shampoo or a conditioner, I like to make sure I get the most out of my experience by trying it as it was intended for the consumer.

Although I did follow the directions and towel dried my hair before applying The Good Stuff No-Rinse Conditioner, I noticed my hair didn’t feel soft and would frizz as it would continue to dry.

It was my first time using The Good Stuff and I liked the smell of the product. What I didn’t like was the way it made my hair feel after it was dry.

My results from following the instructions on the bottle.

Finding What Does Work

Determined to give the brand another try, I used my own technique. After brushing my hair, I jumped into the shower for a wash.

I used my fingers to combed through my curls with the shampoo and massaged my scalp. It felt quite relaxing.

After a good rinse, I combed my hair again using my hands, while squeezing the excess water from my hair. I then applied the Good Stuff No-Rinse Conditioner and placed my hair into a ball on top of my hair. This gave me a chance to bathe the rest of me.

Once I had washed my hair, I used the technique that I learned from Felicia (hif3licia) on Instagram. You can follow along on social media to see how she’s been inspiring other curly-haired women using the #hif3liciahelped

I let my hair air-dry and it was the best thing for my curls. After two months of adding heat to my hair, it was time I let my curls breathe again. That’s what I did.

Here’s an image of the coils I did, following Felicia’s tips:

This is after doing the coils and letting my hair air dry.
My curls looked great on day three as well!

My husband calls these dreadlocks. He thinks they’re pretty cool.

More Of The Good Stufff

The Good Stuff has the philosophy that its products are good for you and for the planet, because:

  • The Good Stuff uses active ingredients in their products;
  • Are free of parabens and dyes;
  • Saves you time and money with their no-rinse conditioners; and
  • Are tailored for your hair needs.

Have you found a haircare product that works for you? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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