The Wiggles Debut “The Toilet Song” For Potty Training Success

The Wiggles Debut “The Toilet Song” For Potty Training Success

Getting your little one to potty train can be quite a challenge, and that’s something The Wiggles are looking to help make the process a lot easier for parents.

How are they doing this, you ask? With a song!

We’re getting ready to potty train our last baby in less than a year and we know how much dedication it takes to successfully potty train your child.

One thing we’ve learned throughout the years is how music plays an important factor in a child’s development. Simply getting out of the house means we need to put on a song and dance for the kids to get excited about wherever we’re headed as a family.

Why not try singing while potty training as well? It’s quite clever!

To help get a better understanding of how The Wiggles created “The Toilet Song”, I interviewed one of its founding members, Anthony Field.

“Parents have been asking The Wiggles for decades now to write a song about toilet training, as this is such a big issue in early childhood,” he noted. “We know this song will make toilet training fun for children and be a help to those caring for them.”

What I like most about “The Toilet Song” is how it entices the child to try a “challenge” and teaches them independence. Anthony shared how The Wiggles created the fun a song for the little ones to sing along.

“I guess every parent has had to face the challenge of inspiring their children to use the potty,” Anthony shared in an interview for Motherhood Through My Eyes. “The toilet/potty can present many fears for the young child. Simon, Emma, Lachy and I put our Wiggly minds together to try and allay the fears and make it a fun experience.”

Potty Training Tips

We’ve been thinking back to the things that worked while potty training our boys, such as the reward method. As we prepare to potty train our third, we’re looking into the use of songs like this one.

Since we’ve been using songs to get our baby girl accustomed to other everyday activities, we were curious about introducing her to “The Toilet Song”.

Anthony suggested we simply play the “Toilet Song” to our little one on YouTube without too much fanfare or direction.

“A few days later ask if she would like to watch the song again whilst sitting on the toilet,” he added. “You could even provide her with a crown to make it more fun!”

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If you tune into the song, you’ll notice there’s the “1, 2, 3 Flush” concept. I thought it was interesting and can help your child with listening skills as well.

According to Anthony, ‘1, 2, 3, Flush’ makes it a fun game with a reward at the end of the potty training experience.’ He added: “It also reinforces numbers and counting!”

Potty training won’t happen overnight, but fun songs like this one can help. Since the launch of the new song, Anthony said the feedback has been positive. “We’ve had parents worldwide write back to thank us, as the ‘Toilet Song’ was the final step in helping potty train their child.”

Anthony noted that The Wiggles are working with UNICEF on a global handwashing initiative. “Sadly, millions of children around the world die from communicable diseases and washing your hands with soap and water is one of the most effective ways of preventing disease and death,” he shared. “So we will be working with UNICEF to create a handwashing song in many languages and we will make this a part of our new tv show and of course service it online.”

Have you tuned into “The Toilet Song” by The Wiggles? Tell us what you think in a comment below!

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  1. Very cute little song. My kids were all potty trained by age two and so were my daughters three kids. They hated cloth diapers and the feel so that helps a bunch.

  2. This is awesome! My oldest grandson loved The Wiggles when he was little and I knew all the songs as well. I’m sure the Potty Song will help lots of parents and kids with potty training.

  3. I totally forgot about the Wiggles! They are a fun group to watch. When my kiddos were little they definitely love watching the show. My niece and nephew are the perfect age for the show and I think my sister-in-law would enjoy if they were both toilet trained.

  4. we are just about to start my little guy potty training and this song def might be helpful to get him excited- were a big wiggles fan ha so i think we’ll try and play this to show that its fun, easy and can be possible! eek wish us luck and thanks for such a great article for us moms!

  5. This is a very cute song and is sure to help with young kids who are training. I have to share this with my brother with his kids.

    1. We’ve been playing it for our youngest and she’s months away from potty training. Might start her sooner 😉

  6. This will be a great additional tool for potty training. I like Anthony’s advice! The Wiggles always make their songs a lot of fun for kids!

  7. Haha this is such a cute and catchy song! Great way to get your kid excited to hit this big milestone.

    1. It really is! I’ve been singing “Are you sitting on the toilet?” all week.

  8. So fun. My kids used to love The Wiggles. We had tons of the DVDs and toys. I can see how this would help kids potty train.

    1. I remember jamming to The Wiggles when my nephew was born. Glad they’re still singing tunes and making learning fun.

  9. This post has me so nostalgic. My oldest was a big fan of The Wiggles and she’ll be 15 this summer. I even took her to see them live on stage!

  10. So awesome! My girls loved The Wiggles when they were growing up. It’s cool that they have a woman now!

  11. Oh wow! I love this song! Kids would love this song for sure, this brings fun.. Love it ♥

  12. What a cute idea to help make potty training easier. I think cloth diapers or cloth training pants really help too.

  13. What a fun song! This is the first time that I’ve heard of this song, though. And it brings back memories of when my son was potty training. LOL.

  14. Oh my goodness! I need to play this for my daughter! So far she’s had no interest in potty training. Maybe this will help. 🙂

  15. This is a great song that I have heard my kindergarten teachers use. They have the hardest job and it is made easier by great music like this.

  16. Oh my! I will have to show this to my friends with potty training kids! LOL!

  17. I don’t have kids but this song is fantastic! I will share it with all my parent friends.

  18. My kids used to love the Wiggles.. boy did I have all their songs memorized! This sounds like a really cute song to help little ones with potty training.

  19. I need to share this with my niece and also my daughter because they are Potty Training there children.

  20. This is such a cute idea for potty training. I need to share this with my daughter, I am currently potty training her.

  21. It’s a great idea to have a song in the process of potty training. The animation is also quite good and entertaining.

  22. That’s an awesome way to potty train kids. Love the happy beat to the music! <3

  23. How much fun is that? We’re trying to potty train the two year old and this might be the way to go.

  24. How much fun is that? We are potty training the 2 year old and having a difficult time. Maybe this will help.

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