Toddlers Have A Better Outlook On Life

Moments With DaddyAfter 63 wonderful hours with Jeff, it is back to reality.

This weekend has been a great reminder of how beautiful life can be if you keep it simple. A successful day the beach on Sunday followed by a morning full of errands and an evening at a local park. These are the moments that melt my heart.

I read a post over at Henley & Hadley that made me think of the many times I felt “not good enough” or those days I woke up and wore sweats all day. This mom’s blog post reminded me of how easy it is to just smile if you allow yourself to see the beauty life has to offer. You can read all about this inspirational post here.

Lessons Learned From A Toddler
My son has been the happiest little person I have seen in a very long time. Most babies cry for everything, but not Sebastian. He is pretty tough, and sometimes I worry about him. He has fallen so many times and always manages to get himself back up. I love that. And each time I watch him get back up, I feel a part of me become more emotional. Sebastian is no longer a baby. He is turning into a young toddler. Although everyone thinks he is three, he is actually turning two in a couple of months. It is scary to think that it has been that long since the day he was born.

A recent post on Today’s The Best Day highlights the 10 ways to live life like a toddler. Each one is a reminder of how beautiful it is to be young and not have a care in the world. Below is the list:

1. Toddlers are tough.
2. Toddlers forgive quickly.
3. Toddlers soak it all in.
4. Toddlers learn something new every day.
5. Toddlers belly laugh.
6. Toddlers focus on what they have.
7. Toddlers are flexible.
8. Toddlers get excited to see family and friends.
9. Toddlers don’t take life too seriously.
10. Toddlers love unconditionally.

Are there any lessons you have learned from your little one? Share them in a comment below!

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