How To Shop Like An Influencer And Save

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Budgeting hacks are everywhere, but how many of them are really going to save you some money?

I cringe at the idea of shopping during the holidays because everything sounds like a sale. The truth is, you need to do your research before making a purchase. 

When I found out about Trademore, I thought it was an interesting concept. The company lets you buy and sell used phones at reasonable prices. 

Sometimes when you purchase used items online, you only get two choices — open box or not. As exciting as it may be to save a couple of dollars by choosing an open box item, most importantly, you want to know the condition of the product. That’s where Trademore shines. 

Not only do you get a choice in the brand of your phone, but you have the option to choose its condition as well. 

A cracked screen is never a good thing when you work from your phone. Trademore can help!

Minimize Your Expenses

As a fourth child and parent of three kids, I know that hand-me-downs can be a blessing in terms of limiting your expenses.

Getting a used phone will not only help your wallet, but it will allow you to do the same as any new phone. At Trademore, each product goes through a 30-point inspection and the team checks the phone for quality, functionality and any cosmetic damages. 

You’re not buying it from a friend, Trademore products are thoroughly examined before they get to your hands. 

Free two-day shipping from Trademore helps when you’re pressed for time. As a mom who relies heavily on her smartphone for work and everyday use, a quick turnaround is a bonus. Also, they have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee as well as free returns.

How cool is that?

It sounds like a no-brainer to choose Trademore for your next smartphone purchase. They even have smartwatches for your tech-savvy mom friends looking to stay ahead of schedule this summer

Ditch the cracked screen and grab a new phone at Trademore.

Save On Technology

Most families have at least one tablet in their home. We know how tough that can be when there are multiple children in the home. 

You might have an older iPad lying around that you’d like to trade in for a newer version. This can be done at as well. The company sends you pre-shipping materials when you order a recovery kit and instructions on how to prepare your device for a trade-in.

Discover how easy it is to buy a new phone using Don’t forget to check out their trade-in feature to sell your used gadgets

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