You'll Be In My Heart, Always

It’s taken me a while to write my next post because I’ve been enjoying the time I have to write with my guys.

The last few days I’ve been emotional, thinking of the two weeks after we got home from the hospital. I was emotional then, but they were tears of happiness.

After the hospital, my honey and I spent two whole weeks surrounded by family and friends, and occasionally we’d have some alone time to take it all in. We’re parents. Even before Sebastian was born, we had Rocky. But dogs are independent; we don’t have to wipe his ass or carry him to bed — although I’m sure he’d love that.

We played lullabies and soft music those two weeks. Rocky was used to it because we leave it playing for him when he’s home alone. A song that stood out was Phil Collins’ “You’ll Be In My Heart.” I had dedicated that song to Sebastian before he was born but it wasn’t until after birth that it expressed how I felt.

I remember thinking how the two weeks would be over soon and we’d return to work only to have someone else raise our little guy. Rocky’s used to it, so we don’t really worry too much about him. It’s now that I’m at work that I miss Sebastian crying because he wants to be held or his fussiness when he has to burp. I even miss Rocky stomping his little paws and barking because he wants to go for a walk.

But now what? We’re at work most of the week. I dedicate evenings and weekends to my family regardless of how tired I am. I greet my babies and hold Sebastian close. Sundays are the best because we get to do whatever we want before another work week.

I love this life we’ve created, and those two weeks from the hospital will forever be in my heart.



Rocky being a good pup on his way to the dogpark earlier with his new friends.

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