10 Things I Need To Stop Doing

Have you ever sat yourself down and had to address certain things? 
I’ve done this in the past, and it’s helped me improve on a lot of things. 
Because you’re the best project you’ll ever work on, I’ve made it a point to re-evaluate my goals every month to help keep myself on track this year. 
And today, I’m addressing 10 of the things that are driving me crazy about myself and sharing each one with you below: 

1. Comparing my middle to someone else’s end. 
Progress takes time, and I keep beating myself up because I feel as though I’m falling behind with things. 
2. Not packing snacks for the road. 
I stopped doing this because I’m always in a rush to leave the house, which leads to wanting to grab a bite whenever I go do errands. 
3. Not taking naps in the afternoon. 
I don’t know if it’s the lemon water in the morning or the fact that I have way too much going on these days, but I’ve been skipping nap time with the boys. It seems like a good idea, until 9 pm comes around and I start dosing off. 
4. Waking up way too early. 
This coincides with not taking naps. Because I wake up too early — like more than an hour before my first alarm goes off — I’m usually tired by midday. 
5. Telling people to move to Florida. 
As much as I know it’s been a great move for us, I need to stop trying to convince family that it’d be the best for them. 
Everyone has their own path. And this may not be the best move for those that I love. Plus, would I really want my mom living so close again? 😉
6. Not planning meals ahead. 
I had a system going down where I’d plan meals two days in advance and varied it up every week. 
Although I continue to vary everything, it’s usually what everyone calls winging it.

7. Not spending late nights with Jeff. 
This one ties into waking up too early and not taking naps. 
Jeff and I would catch up with TV shows before bed. I know watching TV before going to sleep is terrible, but it’s one of the ways we spend quality time together every night. And now that’s been push to the side :/ 
8. Not taking family photos on our trips. 
I made a promise last year that I’d take more photos of us together when we went on trips. As much as I like to just take in the moment, photos really help when you’re looking back at memories. 
We’ve made so many here, it’s nice to share with others. 
9. Not sending letters to family. 
I’ve been meaning to write my grandmother and send her photos of the boys. She’s not on Facebook, and could careless about technology. 
Talking to someone over the phone isn’t the same as taking the time out to write a letter dedicated to someone. 

10. Dressing like it’s hot out. 
Although I don’t wear mini shorts and have my cleavage out, I have been wearing thin leggings and flip flops during this chilly Florida winter time. 
Some people ask if I’m cold, others wonder if I’m just crazy. 
Truth is, I’m just from NJ. These 45/50 degree weathers in the morning feel like spring in NJ. 
BONUS: Saying “funny enough” every time I talk to someone and I’m thinking about something else. 
It’s starting to annoy me, and I’m almost sure it bothers some other people. 
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