Aug 282013

Bonding Through Breastfeeding

I made the decision prior to the birth of my son that I would breastfeed. Nursing has been the best decision, although I didn’t think so after my c-section (refer to my previous post). It’s…Continue Reading

Aug 262013

The Big Day

I had scheduled an ultrasound and check up with my doctor the same day. I had reached my weekly visits with my ob/gyn and needed to keep an eye on the amniotic fluid. One week…Continue Reading

Aug 032013

First Trimester Tips You Need To Know

what to expect during your first trimester

Are you ready for the best 9 months of your life? Don’t worry if you’re not. Most women aren’t, including me. Here are some first trimester tips for expecting moms to keep in mind as they welcome their firstborn to this world.