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It has been 25 years since the day I was born. On that Friday, June 2, 1989, my father had dropped off my mother at the emergency entrance of St. Joseph’s Hospital and rushed to find parking. My father came in just in time to see me say “da da da Da DA!” I know my father was so excited because he tells me this story every year on my birthday.

Twenty-five years later, I’m a mother to a beautiful baby boy, a Siberian husky owner and soon-to-be wife. I’m still getting used to the thought of being married and having a family. But, there are plenty of things I have mastered.

I don’t let the small stuff affect the big picture anymore. I’ve also learned the value of living happily ever after. No fairytale needed. I just cut out a lot of things and people from my life. Our move made this so much more easier to do. My relationship with my family and friends is a lot better. I’ve kept up with those I genuinely care about through social media — thank God for that! Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. 

The best part of this crazy thing called life is how important it is to just live. If I had stayed in NJ I’d be working, coming home to eat dinner and sleep.This routine would be tomorrow’s, and the next day and the day after. Dinner was usually prepared by my mom, who would rush home from work and stop by my house to make sure I ate.

Today, I cook, clean and most importantly, I care for my son without having someone else do the job for me. It hasn’t been easy, and adjusting to this new life has been a little crazy, but I know it’s well worth it in the end. Being home with my son gives me peace of mind, something I didn’t have after I had returned to work.

The online mommy community is also a blessing. These moms are awesome and very creative. And because of them, I’ve added little projects into my daily life just to keep sane. Communicating with these women has been so inspiring. I love blogging and I’m working on creating a steady income from all this. More partnerships and reaching out to do — which at the moment I’m working on my media kit.

Although this isn’t where I pictured myself at this age, it’s a lot better than I ever imagined. Love fills my life with happiness and I have a wonderful companion, best friend, lover, boyfriend, fiance, — everything! — to share this crazy journey. <3

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