If someone told me that my family would be complete by age 27, I’d probably laugh in their face. 
I’m a year away from the timeline I had given myself. Right now my second car would’ve been paid off, and I’d be hoping to settle down in a condo of some sort back in New Jersey. Or maybe even Boston with my cousin Stephanie. 
But that was only a plan. 
And we all know what happens with plans. 
Our Time Is Short
Most of the people I know make a big deal about their birthdays. For me, the day I was born is very personal. I often celebrate it with those I love, and in a way that celebrates life in general. For instance, last year we went to our favorite dog beach as a family and ate at a local restaurant. 
To some, those activities seem like everyday life. For me, it’s all about enjoying moments. 
June 2nd marks a new year for me. A day when I can look back at where I imagined myself years ago, and compare it to where I am today. 
I love where my life has taken me, and wouldn’t change anything. Yes, even with the setbacks.  Okay, maybe I wish I could focus more on networking and promo but I know once the boys become a little more independent I will be able to do more with my blog and other side projects.
Until then, I do what I can and take on opportunities that work with my family life. After all, it’s  family first, always. 
But lately things have been rough for us. One day I’ll share it here. I’m currently working on an e-book that highlights all the events leading up to this moment in my life. 
Eventually I’ll be stronger than I am today, and be able to talk more about what’s going on. Until then, I’ll be taking random breaks from my blog and spending time with the boys. They deserve happiness, and that’s what I’m going to give them from here on out. 
May this weekend be as fabulous as you. 

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