Oct 142015
Marriage is a beautiful thing, but not everyone needs to follow a specific plan to raise a family. 
Jeff and I weren’t married when we conceived our son Sebastian. In fact, we didn’t get married until July of this year. 
Shocking isn’t it? At least it is for some. 
But that’s not the craziest part of it all. 
Be A Friend, First
For us, it’s a little funny to think back and imagine how life would’ve been had we not done so. 
Of course, we could’ve gone through with a wedding the minute we found out I was expecting, but maybe our bond wouldn’t have been this strong.
Over the years we’ve learned how to work as a team, developed an amazing friendship and companionship that led to our wedding day — July 10, 2015. 
Yes, we could’ve been married a year or two prior to the date, but we weren’t 100% ready. 
The timing wasn’t right and there was no way I was going to rush something that actually made sense to wait. We had just moved to a different state, and financially, we weren’t where we needed to be. Those changes alone can really take a toll on someone. And so we waited. 
Lessons Learned 
For some, having a child out of wedlock might seem like their life is over. The truth is, their old life might be gone, but another, more exciting one is about to take place. 
We learned a lot from this crazy roller coaster, and we’re so thankful for every emotion we ever experienced during my pregnancy. Below are 3 lessons we’ve taken away from having a child out of wedlock:
1. People are going to talk
They already do this, but having a child out of wedlock adds fuel to the fire. 
2. Life is what you make of it. 
I’ve met couples who were in similar situations who just didn’t want to make it work and others who try their best but never really see eye to eye. Thankfully, Jeff and I are willing to compromise here and there for the sake of our family. 
3. Time is going to fly. 
As a parent, you have to make time for everything and everyone. The memories you share with your family are a lot more important than whether or not you decided to go down the altar or not before becoming a parent. 
Do you know anyone who had a child out of wedlock, too? 

Fatima Torres

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