3 Ways To Add Spaces In Your Togetherness

All those who personally know me understand my need to step away from people. 

Sometimes I feel up to my neck in things and just keep to get away from it all. 
Finding Space 
Oftentimes getting away means leaving the house with the boys for some fresh air. But there are times that getting away is just a matter of going off somewhere on my own — like the bathroom. 
When you’re home with your kids, you never really get the chance to be alone. 
I get to escape the madness once Jeff gets home, but that’s also when we spend time together, catching up on shows we love. 
But sometimes I need a real escape. That’s when I try one of these three things:
1. Take more time in the shower. 
Some people won’t admit they’ve taken more time in the shower than need be because they wanted to cherish the quiet time. 
But let’s face it, everyone has tried to prolong something because it made them smile. 
At times, I’ll just read the labels on the back of shampoo bottles just to soak up the extra minutes. 
2. Do something you really enjoy
I love being social, but if I’m not chatting it up, then I’m thinking. The moment I am quiet, that’s when my best ideas come to mind and I jot them down. 
Whether it’s recipes, family trips,  or something to try with my blog, I’m always coming up with new things to share with those I love. 
3. Get outside. 
Leaving the house is the best escape ever. I don’t have to think about all the things I need to do, or how much I’d like to rearrange things. We’ll take random trips to a local park or head out to the beach. 
What do you do to escape from everyday madness? 

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