3 Ways To Keep Yourself From Overstocking Your Closet

There are a couple of clothing items in my closet that I actually fit in these days. I’m slowly getting out of that funny post-partum stage where nothing really fits except your maternity clothes. 
Since giving birth to my second child, I’ve been doing my best to eat right and exercise regularly. This week, it’s been all about early morning walks and I did Zumba twice. So, cardio on top of cardio. 

Give It Away
I’ve given away lightly-worn clothing items twice in 2015 and haven’t gone shopping in months. 
I just keep getting rid of clothes I don’t find use for anymore without replenishing them with new ones. 
One thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom is that I have enough of what I need. Most purchases are just wants
My last couple of purchases were through the PoshMark app. I bought heels, a dress, and a skirt: three items I’ve used on various occasions. 
Make The Most Out Of What You Have
My style is pretty simple, and it’s taken some time to get there. I remember my pre-baby days when I’d wear a lot of jewelry and was obsessed with Charming Charlie. 
A lunch date with a friend was never complete unless I introduced them to my good friend Charlie. 
And since moving to South Florida, I have a Charming Charlie closer than ever and have yet to stop by. 
Sorry Charlie, but this mom has enough in her jewelry box for practically every occasion.  
Reorganize Your Shoes
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have all the shoes I need. Of course, I’d love new shoes — what woman wouldn’t? But I know my limit, and I’ve actually met mine. I probably own no more than 20 pairs of shoes, which is progress. I had so many pairs of heels when I was in college and always wore sweats and a t-shirt to class. Go figure! 

Now, I’m all about comfort. Yes, I still have a couple of heels that remain in my closet, but they’re waiting for the day my kids get a little older or when I have to look fancy. 😉 
As for my current wardrobe, I like to make sure I have the essentials, which to me are the following:
1. “Park” sneakers: These are a pair of sneakers that you don’t mind if they get dirty at the park or on a walk/run. 
2. Dress-up sneakers: A simple pair of sneakers that look nice with a dress or if you’re going out and need to look somewhat sporty. 
3. The Everyday Shoes: These are the ones you can throw on when you’re running late or need to head out quickly. They MUST be comfortable. 
4. Dressy Shoes: You’ll need two pairs of these. Nude and black work well with just about everything. 
5. Flip flops: Living in South Florida, means you need flip flops. Some people choose to have several pairs, but I’ve had one black pair for two years now. 
When the first pair broke, I purchased another. Some might even use these as their everyday shoes, which saves them money and closet space. It’s really up to you. 
Do you avoid overstocking your closet? 

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