3 Ways You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

I’ve probably thought about doing a million and one things in my 26 years of live. And it wasn’t until I realized how much work goes into attaining your goals that I began to focus on the bigger picture.
If you’ve been following my journey with Motherhood Through My Eyes, then you know how much has changed on my blog since the first day I launched my little corner on the web. 
Small Business Love 
I get excited when I hear someone trying to start a business or simply working on something they’re passionate about. It makes me smile because I feed off their positive energy. 
And what I love most is when family and friends reach out to me about a project and ask for my thoughts. 
I love helping them, but most importantly, I love that they reached out to me and told me about their ideas. It’s exciting to be one of the first to know something. 
Through my blog, I’ve been able to work with local and small businesses, and help with promoting their ideas. 
Making someone’s dream a reality takes a lot of work, but if that person is dedicated to making their dream come true, it can happen. 
Breathing life into their project is just a tiny bit of what I do on a daily basis. Sometimes I help with brainstorm sessions, other times I’m the one implementing the different tactics. And that’s okay. Regardless, I’m involved in turning their ideas into reality. 
Here are three things I tell people when they ask me about making their dreams come true:
1. Write down your ideas. 
It might sound silly since we’re constantly typing things out — emails, text messages, social media posts, etc. — but it’s worth every minute of it. 
Whenever I write things down, I’m not only reminding myself to physically do an extra step, but I have something tangible in front of me, free of distractions. Because we all know how distracting incoming emails can be. 
2. Speak it into existence. 
If there’s anything you’re looking to do, a certain title you’re going after, or whatever the case may be, talk about it. And talk about it often. Tell someone you’re really close to. Make sure it’s someone who won’t discourage you from going after this goal. 
There are so many people out there who will gladly hear you out and offer you some encouragement. If you don’t feel as though you have someone like that in your life, be that person for yourself. Sometimes the only person you have to lift you up is you. And that’s okay. Make yourself proud. 
3. Forget about the excuses. 
I think we all go through a point in our lives when we focus on the excuses instead of the opportunities in our lives. 
I’ve been guilty of this several times, and I’ve even placed goals on hold because I focused on excuses.  
It wasn’t until I started focusing on getting things done (even the small stuff like emailing potential clients, or tweeting a brand I’ve been wanting to work with) that I realized how much I can accomplish when I learn to make use of my time.
Time is valuable, you never want it to waste away. 
How do you breathe life into your ideas? 

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