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Lately, I’ve been fascinated with do-it-yourself costumes because — well, let’s be honest, kids grow way too fast! And for me, saving costumes for the following year has been a tradition for me since I was a child. 
My parents always bought my brothers and I a size too big. Oftentimes I would wear whatever dance costume I had from my spring recitals. 
Dance costumes were expensive, and once the recitals were done they were neatly tucked away inside my closet for Halloween. I actually have three I loved the most, and still bring them out for Halloween and other reasons to dress up. We did a “76 Trombones” piece and wore nutcracker costumes so guess when that came in handy! Christmas celebrations and a Toys for Tots event I participated in for the Student Public Relations Association back in college. Here I am with other group members and friends:
Adorable Balloon Costumes 
If your child isn’t in a dance school or have a costume from previous years that actually fit, then you’re in luck. 
A pack of balloons will cost you a dollar at Dollar Tree and you can get creative with it. Here are four ideas:
1. Bath time bubbles. 
2. Skittles or M&M’s 

3. Grapes

4. A bag of jelly beans 
All photos can be found on Buzzfeed and Pinterest. 

Do you have any other balloon costumes in mind? 

Fatima Torres

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  1. Oh, these are so cute! I remember years ago seeing a Lady Gaga costume that involved balloons, but probably not the best for a child šŸ˜‰ While they didn't involve balloons, one year my mom turned my dance recital outfit into a mime's costume. Looking back, that was pretty ingenious!

    1. Your mom is very talented. Those dance recital costumes are expensive and they're perfect for Halloween. Sometimes they fit a theme, but you can always alter them for your enjoyment.

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