4 Holiday Treats You Can Make With Your Little One

My son loves to take out the pots and pans once he sees me cooking. He then carries them to his workstation — the living room coffee table. And that’s perfectly fine with me. 

But there are times I like to include him in my meal prep just because I want him to learn the importance of a home-cooked meal and how fun it can be. 
A Dash Of Spice
I’ve been cooking with Sebastian since he was months old. Carrying him over the stove probably wouldn’t win me the Parent of the Year award, but it has helped him develop a love for helping and understanding the concept behind cooking. 
Oftentimes I find my son stirring his ingredients — typically the coasters from the coffee table — into a pan. And other times he pretends they are pancakes and flips them from side to side with a spotted spatula.
I have to admit, my little man has style. 

Upcoming Holiday Treats
Because Halloween comes before Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ve already been planning ideas for leftover candy. 
Yes, I could eat up all the chocolates since they’re one of my favorite things about Halloween, but I doubt the little one I’m cooking inside needs a sugar rush. 
Spreading out your candy consumption is probably one of the best things for you (if you enjoy candy) and your little one. Below are a couple of ideas to recycle your Halloween candy for upcoming holidays:
1. Candy sleigh. 

After seeing this image on social media I thought I have to try this with Sebastian. It’d be a cute idea for the Christmas baskets I do every year. 
2. Peppermint barks. 

You can melt the Hershey’s chocolate bars and crush the mints to create this delicious treat. 
3. & 4.  Little miniatures. 

Put those candy corn pieces to work or try the chocolate-covered pretzel turkey below. 

All images are courtesy of Pinterest. 

Will you be getting creative in the kitchen this holiday season? 

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