Apr 222015
5 Baby Items You Really Won’t Need

You won’t need everything you see on the shelves, no matter how well they are advertised. 

Creating the perfect list of baby items starts with all the necessary gadgets. For some first-time parents, the amount of products out in the retail market will make you feel as though you practically need everything that comes your way. The truth is, you don’t. There are items you will use once or twice only to discover that you could’ve probably skipped on the purchase.

To help first-time parents skip on certain unnecessary items, I’ve created a list of the top five baby items I find to be pointless on your registry: 

1. Odorless diaper pail. Jeff was fortunate enough to have a younger brother and sister who helped raise. And based on his experience with an odorless diaper pail, he said it was something we needed to add to our baby registry. I think I used it no more than five times when Sebastian was born. Although it is still in my son’s room, we don’t use it. We just throw the poopy diapers inside of a bag and into the trash. 

2. Wipes warmer. A former co-worker said this was probably the most necessary item for babies in the winter time. We were still in NJ when the Sebastian experienced his first snowstorm. Even when the nights hit single digits, we never felt the need to purchase a wipes warmer.

3. Bottle warmer. My father makes fun of these every time he sees them because he feels babies should drink their milk naturally, cool or in room temperature. Honestly, I never used a bottle warmer, and I think the best method is just leaving the bottle out for a couple of minutes so it takes on room temperature. If you need to warm up a bottle, simply place the bottle in a glass container filled with warm water. It works like a charm.

4. Baby food processor. For some parents, a baby food processor helps with cross-contamination, but what if you aren’t cleaning them correctly? Personally, I’ve never used a baby food processor. I’d cook my son’s food in regular pots and pans, and occasionally I’d use the Oster Blender or Magic Bullet. And between the two, I liked the Oster Blender best. 

5. Newborn clothes. Your baby is going to grow out of just about everything within a month or two, and when it comes to newborn clothing, they will outgrow them within a week. Go for 0-3 months. Those will last at least until your child is two months. 

So what should you add to your baby registry? Click on the banner below to find out! 

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