5 Beach Trip Essentials

Mornings on the beach are always fun. You can watch the sunrise and feel the morning breeze on your skin. Although it isn’t always sunny here in the Sunshine State, early mornings are the best times to enjoy a swim.

The beach is less crowded when you arrive before 8am, and to me, swimming in the ocean at this time feels like going into a pool; the water is nice and calm, and the sun is less damaging.

With two little ones and Jeff’s current schedule, we haven’t been able to do early mornings on the beach as often as we’d like. But when we do, we pack our minivan and head out.

Because our favorite dog beach is an hour away, we recently decided to explore a more local one near Miami Beach. Haulover Beach is less than half hour away with set days and times for dogs to enjoy. The water is very clear and the sand is practically white. It’s so clean you almost forget that it’s the dog section.

As you make your way on the beach, you get a sense that you’re walking onto a private beach. On the weekends from 8am to 3pm, there’s a lifeguard station close to the rocks where dogs roam free. It’s a beautiful view, and everyone is so welcoming.

Most visitors choose to plant themselves as close to the water as possible, this way they can keep an eye on their things while playing with their pup by the water. And this allows you to enjoy the view of other pet owners playing with their dogs.

Beach Must-Haves
With two kids and a pup, you might think that a beach trip means packing practically everything in your home. But that’s not the case. We like to grab the essentials. In fact, we just take one cooler, a beach cart, one blanket, two lounge chairs, two beach towels and a tent. And then there’s the usual diaper bag and Rocky’s backpack.

On days when we want to pack light, we choose five items from our list, throw them in the car, and make our way to the beach. Below is a list of the essential items we take with us at all times:

1. Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart
Easy to assemble and always handy, the Tommy Bahamas beach cart was an impulse buy from Costco that has really been a blessing. You may be able to pick one up for half the price at Costco as I did two years ago.

2. Coleman Personal Wheeled Cooler Although the beach cart I mentioned above comes with a cooler, we bring a second one in case we need to add more items. A personal cooler is easier to drag around and reminds you to take the essentials, like water and juice for the kids as well as two to three beers for your spouse.

3. Charisma Striped Resort Towel If you like big, thick towels, then I highly recommend the Charisma brand. I have three of these beach towels and I am so glad I picked them up. They’re so comfortable and double as blankets when laying out on the sand.

4. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair I bought two of these chairs when we first moved to Florida. This was more than two years ago. They’re still in perfect shape and the make the perfect cover-up chairs for breastfeeding moms. The umbrella helps block the sun rays from reaching you or your little one.

5. Lightspeed Outdoors Bahia Quick Pop Up Beach Sun Shade We like our boys to have options when we go out as a family. This tent is more to keep our little guys away from the sun if they decide to take a nap or simply lay down. It’s perfect for our pup.

Are you booking a trip to the beach this summer? Tell me which of these items might be useful for you and your family in a comment below. 

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