Look & feel fabulous!

The way you dress really does impact the way you feel, and to help me put my words into practice, I challenged myself to get up, dress up, and go on with my day for five days straight. And believe me, it was not easy.

Before planning this week’s MomViews segment, I had been thinking long and hard about how much I was slowly loosing my confidence. Not in my ability to be a great mom, but in being that happy-go-lucky person I once knew. I missed dressing up and looking fabulous, and at times I wondered if I should just throw on some heels and lipstick to cure the emotions. But, I needed to be realistic. Lipstick has never really been my favorite makeup tool and heels were not going to help me with a very curious toddler.  I had been feeling down since the holidays and I needed something to help boost my spirit. Normally, I would reach out for my notebook and write myself a note explaining how I feel and the best way to go about these emotions. But I knew what was bothering me was physical, not emotional, so writing it down would not have helped. I needed something different this time.

My body was like a clean sheet of paper, and my wardrobe was the pen. And like most of the notes I had written to myself, the end result made me feel a lot better. I did my best for those five days to look beautiful again and each time I felt amazing.

On the first day I had to fight to urge of putting my hair up. I wanted to grab a scrunchie and toss it up into a mommy bun, so I went with the side look. I wore a glittery sweater and jeans with flip flops. 

By the second day I knew that I did not want to have all of my hair in my face, and I wanted to wear a long dress, so I went with a small twist on the side of my head and a maxi dress. The flip flops were back.

The third day I almost went back to the mommy bun, but this time I chose a side bun with my long bangs out. A black skater dress with laced sleeves and my light pink wedges to top the look.

On the fourth day I chose a “short” look. I used bobby pins to make my hair appear shorter and you can thank Melissa over at Super Glam News for the tip 😉 I wore a floral skirt and a pink short-sleeve top and brown wedges.

And finally, for the last day of my challenge, I chose a side ponytail and a black and white romper with my brown wedges.

Three Lessons From The No Mommy Bun Challenge
Some women have a habit of saying there is not enough shoes or dresses in their closet, and I have to say that is not true for me. The last time I went shopping for clothes was in August, and I purchased shorts, a sweater and a dress. That was it. I have not had the urge to go out and buy anything else. And a most recent shoe purchase was flip flops because I had broken the ones I had.

Even before I was a stay-at-home mom, I have always been a conscious spender. I feel as though I have everything I need; I have all the shoes I need right now, and I have all the dresses I would need for pretty much any and every occasion. However, I will admit that if I am going to purchase anything like a shirt, I would rather purchase it from another mom who is trying to make some extra cash for her family or a cause I hold dear to my heart. There is nothing wrong with helping someone improve their lives or even improve your own.

For the month of February, several women will come together to share their thoughts on what it means to love yourself in the “Love Yourself” movement. Before launching this campaign, I thought about the issues I faced throughout Valentine’s Day when I was single. People would always ask, “Do you have a Valentine?” or worse, “Why are you single on Valentine’s Day?” and the truth is, I was too busy loving myself to let it impact me.

Now, as a mom, I face a different challenge. This time around, I am focused on caring for my family and sometimes I forget to care and love myself. After discussing with several other mothers in the online mom community and watching the conversations on social media, I came up with the “Love Yourself” movement, because it is important to show others how much you love and care for them, but you should never forget about yourself.

By taking the time out to dress up in the morning instead of throwing on a T-shirt, I felt I was showing the world how ready I was for anything that came my way.

Happy and more relaxed are two of the best ways to describe how I felt, and I want to dress up more often because it is important to feel happy each day of your life. 

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